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About Us

Our Vision

I call it Our Vision because I have a close working and friendly relationship with all of my clients and I include all of them as well when I say our instead of my vision.  In general, our vision is to offer our clients a pleasant and easy process with warm gratitude and a feeling of mutual trust.

Our Story

Charlotte Blinds and Wallpaper LLC is new to the Mecklenburg County area but, the sales and service of window blinds was established back in 2007.  At that time, I was partnered with another company in the sales, service and installation of window blinds for short period of time before moving along on my own .

Who Am I

We are Neal Jamnik, owner, and son, Jesse Jamnik previously of Boca Raton Blinds in South Florida and now Charlotte Blinds and Wallpaper LLC.  I have been in the window blind business since 2007 and officially launched Boca Raton Blinds, LLC at the beginning of 2013 and Charlotte Blinds and Wallpaper in July of 2019 after relocating to Charlotte.  The only things new are the name and website.  The experience of sales and installation has a few years and a lot of experience behind it.

I also have well over 30 years experience installing all types of wallcoverings/wallpaper. As many of you may know, wallpaper took a little detour for a few years and many people were doing faux painting instead but, has come back into full fashion again with extremely beautiful wallpapers.  You can view a lot of the work I have done in the Wallpaper Gallery.

Throughout most of my life, I have been self employed and have taken pride in interacting  with the public.  I am very easy to get along with, punctual and take extreme pride in my workmanship and am very meticulous to detail.  I also have worked as an engineer and computer industry for 14 years which in many ways has helped me in the current business.

I also have a deep passion for health and wellness and for those of you that may be interested in what I refer to as my holistic health store, please feel free to check out my page on Health and Wellness.  (page is still under construction.

Neal Jamnik

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